GreenGro International Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Kenya providing a wide range of turn-key agricultural projects and solutions for growers, retail chains and investors in East Africa and around the globe.

GreenGro was established in 2010 and consists of agronomy experts throughout the country. Essentially GreenGro, through its affiliated membership represents a diverse grouping of individual farmers regardless of location, tribe, gender, nationality or creed.

The Company embraces a forward-thing approach to agriculture: it must be economical, environmentally-friendly and efficient, while shortening the distance from the greenhouse to the grocer. As a result, GreenGro invests a great deal of thought and planning into each project to ensure it delivers the maximum yield – both agriculturally and economically.

Employing an experienced staff of professionals with a variety of specialties in cultivation and agricultural technologies, GreenGro works closely with growers and/or investors to assess their needs and objectives, to evaluate site climate conditions and crop growth requirements. Each project is then tailored to the customer’s specifications, budgeted and implemented.

Maintaining the high quality of its projects, the company ensures all materials used in the construction of greenhouses meet the world quality standards and are acquired from production companies using the most advanced technologies in the world. GreenGro benefits from a continuous supply of high-quality raw material and the professional, in-house preparation of standard and customized assembly parts, which are prefabricated and easily assembled on site.

GreenGro closely supervises its projects from the feasibility study through delivery, providing professional counseling and guidance to the client at every stage along the way. Project delivery is a significant milestone, but GreenGro continues its involvement through the first growing cycle, to ensure the continued success of the project.

Experienced in establishing profitable projects in a wide range of environmental conditions, GreenGro is eager to share its expertise with clients globally, including those with severe water shortages and places where healthy food sources are needed most.

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