Are you looking for a tailor-made agrotech solution to meet all your business’ greenhouse development needs?

If so, you are at the right place. As a global leader in agricultural products, services and solutions we help growers increase crop yields sustainably. We provide growers across Kenya, East Africa and the rest of Africa with everything they need – from seed, crop protection products and nutrients to agronomic advice and application services – to grow the best crops possible. So together we can provide more high-quality food to a rapidly growing population.

GreenGro’s comprehensive approach to turnkey greenhouse projects begins with an initial feasibility study and incorporates all stages of evaluation, development, design, construction, installation and implementation.

And that is not all. GreenGro continues to provide support to ensure the proper operation of its greenhouse projects, to ensure they achieve their economic potential. With ongoing technical, agronomic and commercial support, GreenGro optimizes its customers’ growth methods and crop selections to best satisfy customer needs evolving market demands.

The Company’s unique approach to turnkey greenhouse projects is based on the know-how of its highly specialized professional staff and management. The combination of years of hands-on experience and cutting-edge professional capabilities enables GreenGro to work hand-in-hand with its customers, not only during the implementation of a project, but for many years thereafter.

By sharing its knowledge and experience, the Company helps create a viable, economical and profitable growth environments, ensuring that customers get the greatest yield from their investment – in both senses of the word