The proper greenhouse equipment is absolutely essential to any commercial growing operation, and GreenGro has everything you need to ensure success. Whether you are buying a new building or replacing greenhouse equipment in an old one, GreenGro has only the best to ensure you get exactly what you need to    keep your plants happy and healthy!

GreenGro carries all the heavy duty, commercial greenhouse equipment that serious growers need. Heating, cooling, ventilation, controls, benches, irrigation, lighting, soil handling…all of the big-time equipment that commercial growers need is available at GreenGro and at the best price. Some of the equipment that is available at GreenGro include but not limited to the following categories:-

Greenhouse Heating

Heating is a critically important piece of greenhouse equipment during those cold seasons. Give yourself another growing season or extend the one you already have by properly heating your greenhouse. GreenGro has several types and styles of greenhouse heaters and you don’t have to worry about cold season/winter anymore.

Greenhouse Cooling

After heating, cooling is probably the next most important piece of greenhouse equipment. If you want to grow indoors during the hot seasons, you are going to need a way to keep the temperature inside at a reasonable level. There are many different strategies for greenhouse cooling, and GreenGro has them all. Evaporative cooling, natural ventilation, shade cloth and more, GreenGro has what you need to keep growing all year long.


Serious commercial greenhouse growers need plenty of room to grow their precious plants, and GreenGro has the greenhouse bench and staging solutions that can help you maximize growing space and minimize effort. Rolling, fixed, or portable steel greenhouse benches offer versatility and durability for commercial growers.


Hydroponics are the future of indoor growing, and are finally becoming mainstream in the greenhouse industry. GreenGro recognizes this and carries a complete line of hydroponic supplies and hydroponics kits. Hydroponic herb tables, vine crop systems, nutrient solutions…GreenGro has all of this and more at the most affordable prices.


It’s not going to rain inside a greenhouse, so getting precious water to your plants is a must. GreenGro carries all of the greenhouse equipment necessary to set up a completely automated irrigation system, whether it’s the common drip irrigation kit or an overhead misting system or in-pot drip system. Setup and planning for irrigation systems can sometimes be tricky, so of course GreenGro has the expert know-how to get you going in the right direction.


Supplemental grow lighting is can be an important piece of greenhouse equipment depending on what and when you are growing. But don’t worry, because GreenGro has a huge selection of the very best grow lights and fixtures for your needs.

These are just a few of the greenhouse equipment categories carried by GreenGro! Head over to our contact page and drop us an order or enquiry on the complete selection of greenhouse equipment that serious growers need.